Mistress La'Bella

My reasons for being a Domme are quite simple

I enjoy the control, I get off on the power I hold over your mind and body and relish in the moments of pushing you to the edge of pleasure and pain, over and over again.

I am a lifestyle kinkster, my interest has always been in kink & fetish since before I knew what it meant. I'm not a character of a dominatrix or of a woman; I am genuinely who I am in and outside of session.

I thrive on the energy produced by such intimate encounters and I find the art of seduction in kink to be erotic. Most importantly, my fantasy is to become your fantasy.

Although I am young, I have been told that I am wise beyond my years; I speak with experience and knowledge, I am well versed in many complex subjects. I truly respect other people’s rights, opinions and livelihoods. In other words, you’ll be hard pressed to find another young 20-something woman like me.

As far as my appearance I’m 5’9″ tall with an hour-glass figure and long legs. I wear my hair long cascading down my back.

Sensuality and passion come naturally to Me, and I tend to be exceptionally provocative. I have a great appreciation for men, especially for those who know their place. While in my care you will quickly learn that you are not the only one enjoying the session. I have a natural affinity for putting newcomers at ease and pushing veterans to (and past) their limits. you will be left breathless, spent, and craving more.

I welcome you to bella.domfiles.com I'm ready to help you discover what you've been missing in your life. I want to provide the best experience possible, so please take your time to look at the rest of my site to decide if you'd like to book a session. I'm looking forward to meeting you soon.

xoxo La'Bella 

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