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What you can expect from me

I generally go into any play with any person by creating a tone of comfort and trust; I’m a very up front and forthcoming person in all aspects of my life, especially when play is concerned. I try to cultivate friendships and intimacy with everyone that I play with and I think it’s extremely important to create a space where open

(and sometime uncomfortable) communication is the standard. I do this by being an open communicator myself, maintaining a very non-judgmental outlook and by simply being genuine and honest. I don’t consider meetings like this as an exception when it comes to the way that I prefer to interact with people, although I’m aware that many women in my position would disagree with me about that.

I expect you to communicate clearly and be forthcoming about your wants, needs, limits and desires; While I can read between the lines on many things, I do not wish to converse about your interests in any sort of weird code. I also expect you to be considerate of my time and my energy as you would any other human being to whom you were giving up control to.